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Less Naughty?

Posted by Cy-Owl - February 27th, 2021

Usually when I ask questions I rarely get much of a response, but for the few I do have following me, how do you feel about the idea of me drawing stuff that would lean far more into the sexual nature?...Porn, I'm talking about cartoon porn. Would you rather just not ever see me touch that sort of thing on here?

I don't mean like pinups or tasteful nudes, I'ma probably keep drawing that shit...But if I did start drawing up more explicit subject matter, would that be fairly unwelcome? I know the site allows for it, I'm asking you, how do you feel about that?



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In the end that's entirely up to you, but I'm all for it! Can't wait to see what you have in store.

I mean that's yet to really be determined...I can't say I really have anything specific in mind for the foreseeable future, and might never will just out of sheer laziness and eventual disinterest...But it was a thing that was on my mind for the moment.

I'd love to see it but I agree with SpikethKlown, I don't think any of us want you to push yourself into something you don't want. But if you're ok with it then yeah unleash the lewds.

Well really it's more of me pushing myself away from something I might want. I certainly am no stranger to drawing lewd cartoons, but I do want to know how the majority of people who view my nonsense feel about that. Or even the casual passer by.
I think I posted at least two porn level pieces last year, one is of a BJ, the other a titty funk, both of them got low scored, the later so much that I decided to remove it. So I just need feedback on the subject if I am going to do anything...Though the very likely outcome is I probably won't bother just out of falling into an apathetic slump, as I'm want to do.

@Jerricola @Cy-Owl Have faith in yourself buddy, just do what you love and keep at it. Its just like exercise, it gets easier the more you do it. To be entirely honest those porn pics are what let me to find you so i'm happy for that. I can't guarantee your success but you got great talent and i'm sure people will recognize that.

Well considering most of the people I follow, I am undoubtedly extremely biased, but I'm of the mind that you should do whatever you enjoy or feel like doing. I just looked at your other stuff so either way I can't wait to see what you make next, but I'm of the mind that you should go for it.

@Cy-Owl I feel that, motivation sucks when it decides to never show up. Hope decisiveness throws you a bone!